6 Things to Consider When Building Metal Garage

6 Things to Consider When Building Metal Garage

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Building Metal Garage

A garage can serve multiple important functions for a homeowner. It provides a safe and secure space to store vehicles, protecting them from the weather and potential theft. Additionally, a garage can offer extra storage space for tools, equipment, and other belongings, helping to keep a home organized and clutter-free. In some cases, a garage can also be used as a workspace for hobbies or home projects. While traditional garages were built using timber, metal garages have become increasingly popular among homeowners looking for a tougher and more reliable option.

A metal garage is durable and can withstand high winds, heavy rains, and lighting, saving you extra maintenance costs that may otherwise come with wooden garages. So, if you are considering building a metal garage, here are six things that you need to consider before starting your new project.

1.   Budget for Materials and Labor

You must create a budget to build a metal garage in line with your financial limits. Note that the cost varies based on several factors, such property location, local codes, wind and snow loads, as well as any potential seismic activity. On average, building a two-car metal garage may cost you around $7,900 to $8,600.

Additionally, the cost of labor depends on the complexity of the project. A professional can give you an estimated cost, so you can make an informed decision by considering the above factors and avoid unexpected expenses.

6 Things to Consider When Building Metal Garage

2.   Type of Metal

Aluminum and steel are commonly used in metal garage construction, each of which has its pros and cons. Steel is a safer option mostly because of its durability and sustainability and can be reused many times. However, since it is an alloy of iron, it is susceptible to corrosion.

Aluminum, on the other hand, does not rust as quickly as steel and is naturally resistant to rust. However, it is lighter than steel and is twice as likely to dent as steel. So, consider your local climate, budget, and intended use of the garage to choose the right option for your needs.

6 Things to Consider When Building Metal Garage

3.   Ensure Correct Zoning

Compliance with zoning regulations is necessary to keep general uniformity as per your location. Make sure you submit your documents and zoning application to the zoning director/officer timely and have it approved before you start the construction. Typically it takes 6 weeks for the application to be accepted, so don’t wait till the last minute.

4.   Size of the Garage

Metal garages are typically 30 or 36 inches in diameter, allowing you to easily open and close your cars without hitting anything. However, if you are considering storing larger vehicles or RVs, then make sure that your structure is large enough to accommodate them. Standard car garages’ height varies by where you live but, typically, they are 7 feet tall. So, if you wish to use your garage for storing additional items, then decide appropriate measurements and consult with a professional to ensure accurate measurements.

5.   Focus on the Details

Metals are only durable if they are well-constructed and designed to withstand external pressures such as earthquakes and thunderstorms. To support the weight of garage doors, and achieve energy efficiency, and proper ventilation, you must consider roofing, trusses, and framing in the preliminary designs. There should be adequate space left for garage doors to fit securely in the frame so they can operate smoothly. Additionally, garage walls must be studded to withstand high wind speeds.

6 Things to Consider When Building Metal Garage

6. Insulation

Insulation is necessary to stabilize the interior temperature and prevent moisture from penetrating the garage. If you are cooling or heating the interior space, make sure to insulate your metal garage to protect it from extreme temperatures. Several insulation options include foil bubble, spray foam, batt and roll, loose-fill insulation, etc. Choosing the right insulation to expend on your budget. For instance, if you are low on budget, batt insulation is the cheapest option. But if you have a slightly higher budget, invest in spray foam insulation—the best insulation for metal storage space.


Metal garages are an excellent investment for vehicle protection as well as storing your belongings, keeping them are safe and secure. However, you must keep the pointers discussed above in your mind before constructing one. It will ensure you an appropriate size, maximum durability, and a functional design to accommodate your needs.

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