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Barndominium Living: Transform Your Lifestyle with Taylor Building

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Barndominium living is a relatively new concept of making a home and lifestyle. As one might imply, Taylor Building, it is a fusion of industrial aesthetics and comfortable living, particularly in homes constructed using galvanized metal structures.

Learn everything you need to know about barndominiums here.

The Barndominium Experience

Barndominiums are a modern crossover between barns that have been renovated and revamped into condos. They can also be built from the ground up to mimic the style and layout of a house that is constructed like a barn but has the layout and features of a condo.

The Key Features of a Barndominium House

Taylor Building typically incorporates the following features into a classic metal barndominium:

Open Plan Layout

Open concept living areas are common in barndominiums as barns are by nature quite spacious, open areas. And as you may know, open-floor designs are also popular in traditional homes.  Open floor layouts allow us to interact visually and verbally with our family and friends, even if one person is in the kitchen and another is in the living room.

Galvanized Metal Build

Taylor Building’s Barndominiums are reliable and strong structures. Their reliability and strength come mostly from the fact that they are built and reinforced by galvanized steel.

Regardless of what you have in mind to use your barndominium for, the allowance that the firmly supported metal structure gives you can allow for it to be a warehouse, a vehicle parking spot, a living space, or a gym, all in one.

Multi-functional Spaces

Barndominiums were originally places that combined work and living spaces as a practical solution for those living alone, with small families, and could run their businesses or work from home. Because of the open-plan facility, your house can become a multi-functional space for the living and work dynamic and other things.

For example, your living room can double as a creative studio or gym, especially with galvanized metal features and enhancements. Similarly, your kitchen can transform into a central meeting spot.

Taylor Building

The Taylor Building USP

Our unique selling point is that we build galvanized steel structures to meet your residential and industrial needs in a way that traditional building materials can never accomplish.

Here is how we achieve this goal:

A New Concept of Real Estate

Galvanized metal barndominiums are a promising real estate concept. They discard the need for new constructions and build a new notion of repurposing and reinforcing or even mimicking strong structures like barns. This, in effect, creates a much cheaper real estate investment with a significant ROI.

Making it a Worthwhile Investment

Taylor Building specializes in building these galvanized steel structures so that your one-time investment is worthwhile. The use of galvanized steel in barndominium construction adds a touch of industrial practicality to residential real estate.

So basically, by moving away from the traditional taylor building materials, barndominiums end up having a modern, chic, and edgy look that gives them a competitive advantage in the real estate market.

Galvanized Metal Features in a Barndominium

In addition to being completely constructed from sheets of galvanized steel, Taylor Building’s barndominiums boast several kinds of features that are either also reinforced with metal or are derived from the industrial living concept.

Structural Features

The features that contribute to a strong structure are:

Vaulted Ceilings

This feature is pretty integral to metal galvanized structures. Unlike traditional houses, metal-reinforced barndominiums do not require as much structural support by walls and several foundational pillars that disrupt the aesthetic appeal of an open-plan layout. This gives your barndominium room for vaulted ceilings, which, by the way, are an iconic industrial aesthetic feature.

The vaulted ceiling is a design and structural element that follows the line of a pointed roof without cutting off at the bottom. It creates an almost false-ceiling-like effect. However, it also adds to structural support, giving your property a gothic look.

Metal Poles

Barndominiums built by Taylor Buildings are reinforced by metal poles that are strategically placed so as not to disrupt your property’s open layout.

Exposed I-Beams

Exposed I-beams have become more of an aesthetic choice. However, they serve a structural support purpose, too. They are iconically an industrial but also an art-deco choice and bring out the best of a metal-comprising structure such as our barndominiums.

Home Improvement Enhancements

These are some of the features that do not exactly add to the structural reinforcement but are definitely possible because of the barndominium’s good structural integrity. Some of them are:

Expansive Layout

The expansive and open condo-like layout is possible because the property does not need as many foundational pillars across the middle of the structure as a traditional taylor building or house would need.


The galvanized build makes for a more insulated indoor environment. Plus, the structure makes it easier and faster for tech companies to integrate smart home systems in barndominiums, making them very IoT-friendly. So, in the long run, the energy savings from insulation and IoT features will help you cut back on power bills.

Taylor Building


As a relatively new concept, barndominium-living offers a versatile and unique residential experience. The appeal here is that using galvanized steel in construction ensures reliability and strength. This material choice makes barndominiums versatile, making it a warehouse, parking spot, living space, or even gym. To learn more about our taylor building construction services or to book them, visit us at Taylor Buildings, LLC.

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