A Complete Guide to Storage Buildings

A Complete Guide to Storage Buildings

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Storage buildings offer an excellent solution for businesses to free up space and store goods systematically. It ensures that valuable items are not lost and remain accessible when needed. Various types of storage buildings are available, each designed for specific industries or purposes, with a common goal of protecting valuable items from damage or theft caused by external exposure. Several factors should be considered to select the appropriate storage building for your needs, such as the type of goods that need to be stored, the inventory’s size, and your budget.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about choosing a suitable storage building and the pros and cons of the different available types.

1. What to Consider

Selecting the right storage building for your business is critical to ensuring that valuable items remain safe and easily accessible. For that, you need to decide what you plan to store in the building so you can choose the right size. There is no standard storage building size, however, the most common ones range from 28 to 288 square feet. Additionally, decide where you plan to install your storage building. For instance, if it is going in your backyard or garden, then you may have to consider additional protection i.e., insulation to withstand harsh climates. Also, if you are planning to keep valuable stock or equipment in the storage building, consider installing CCTV, electronic doors, or alarms. Make sure you have a budget in mind so your plans align with your financial capability.

A Complete Guide to Storage Buildings

2. Types of Storage Buildings

There are two main types of storage buildings, each of which has its pros and cons.

1.  Domestic Storage Buildings

Domestic storage buildings are mostly attached to their residential property or installed in your garden. For instance, green sheds, wooden outbuildings, garages, greenhouses, etc.

  • Garden sheds are commonly made of wood and metals, such as aluminum or galvanized steel. These are fireproof and resistant to rust. Additionally, wooden sheds are made using spruce or pine which are more susceptible to rotting. These are used to store lawnmowers, outdoor furniture, and other gardening equipment.
  • Wooden outbuildings are typically larger than the garden shed and are used as a storage space to keep gym equipment, office essentials, etc. They are usually equipped with electricity and lighting, making them an extension of your home to store the items cluttering your home.
  • The garage is also a type of property extension used for storing vehicles. They are usually made out of wood, brick, or steel and the material of the door depends on the level of security you want. So, if you are storing valuable items, an aluminum steel shutter, roller doors, or remote-control-operated models are ideal.
  • The greenhouse is also a type of domestic storage building that is used to grow plan and vegetables. It also comes in handy to store extra gardening equipment that includes seeds, shovels, or bulbs. You can add shelves, cabinets, or crates to create more space to store garden essentials.

A Complete Guide to Storage Buildings

2.  Industrial Storage Buildings

Industrial storage buildings are used by businesses to store large quantities of items. These buildings are energy efficient, durable, and designed to meet your business needs. Some types include:

  • A warehouse is typically used to store physical inventory and pack and prepare items for distribution. These buildings are large and usually build on the edge of towns and cities. Businesses use this to temporarily keep products in bulk before shipping them to end consumers. Warehouses need to be highly equipped with a surveillance system, alarms, and security guards to prevent theft and damage.
  • Stables are used to keep livestock, such as horses or cows in a comfortable environment. You can also store plenty of straw here as well as farming equipment.
  • Cold storage buildings are temperature-controlled and are used to store perishable items for storage, distribution, production, and packaging that would otherwise not survive in regular warehouse conditions.


Storage buildings are a long-term investment important to protect your valuables from theft and everchanging climate conditions. In a storage building, you can store wares or merchandise, household goods, equipment, vehicles, or animals.

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